Honoring Individuals.


Promoting Sport.

Served on the Board of the Portage Soccer Club 1977-79


Northwest Representative and Secretary of new Indiana Youth Soccer Association


Received a State “E” Coaching License


Promoted Northwest Indiana Youth and the Chicago Sting


Helped get Portage High School to start a High School League


Helped promote a youth goalkeepers clinic in Northwest Indiana


Received an award from the Chicago Sting for her work with Youth Soccer in Northwest Indiana



Sherry GREEN
























Helped form the Northwest Indiana Youth Soccer League


Board Member of Northwest Indiana Youth Soccer League


Helped form the Portage Youth Soccer Club


Board Member of Portage Youth Soccer Club


Helped to create first State Tournament for younger age groups


Holds a State Referee License


Created playing schedules for the Northwest Indiana League


Part of the referee team for the McGuire Cup State Finals 1975

Honoring Individuals.

Promoting Sport.